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Autism & Developmental Disabilities Assessments

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Do you or your child struggle with:

  • Making eye contact?
  • Responding with appropriate facial expressions when interacting with others?
  • Showing an interest in playing/interacting with peers?
  • Engaging in back-and-forth conversations?
  • Having intense, specific interests?
  • Engaging in repetitive behaviours?
  • Having sensitivity to sounds, textures, tastes, sights, or smells?
  • Changing routines or transitions?
  • Reasoning and problem-solving?
  • Performing everyday life skills?

If you said YES to some or all of these questions a developmental and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment would be helpful.

Ethos Psychotherapy & Assessment Centre

Autism & Developmental Disability Testing

Developmental and Autism assessments typically evaluate a person’s thinking and reasoning skills, language skills, and visual-motor coordination, as well as social and adaptive behavior skills. The assessments are conducted through one-on-one testing, parent and child interviews, and with the use of questionnaires.
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Dr. Anne Marie Mikhail

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Ethos Psychotherapy & Assessment Centre

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